Space-Time Detective Genshi Promoted Jikumon Tanteidan (時空探偵ゲンシクン―進め!ジクモン探偵団), was the manga produced by Bom Bom Comics to promote the upcoming anime series.


The manga was released as a promo within Bom Bom comics. It is a short 6 chapter manga that was released as part of the promotion of the anime. Many elements of the book did not appear in the anime, those that did had slight changes. The book is overall placed sometime in development between the production of the anime and the concepts for the series since Jitterbug-kon has his anime appearance and not his early promo appearance.

Anime/Manga DifferencesEdit

The general tone was a little darker then the anime, being much more serious and mature. Even in regards to flint himself. Dr. Bernard Goodman was originally a smoker in the manga, this was reference in episode 15 when the Goodman twins meet an ancestor of theirs who was a smoker.

Wolfen and Z•Z did not appear in the anime, even though Z•Z was seen holding a script at the end of chapter 6 along with Merlock and the Old Timer.

Rocky and Petra's moment in chapter 1 was reworked into a new storyline which appeared as episode 22. The later Petra and Dr. Goodman's moment was reworked into episode 24.

Merlock had both a different approach to his character and slightly altered character. Merlock's Vampire heritage made it to the Manga, though it took a different approach. Merlock is portrayed as a man who is inpatient with the attics of others. He is mistrusting of people due to how Vampires were forced into hiding and does not have any faith in humanity. Merlock and Sarah's roles in the anime are Getalong and Wolfen's, though Merlock's rescuing of Sarah is more slapstick humor. In the anime, Merlock because as much of a target for humor by the storyline the majority of his appearances. In the manga he is still subject to humorous situations but his klutzy accidents are absent and are replaced with simple facial reaction or general being knocked aside by other characters rather then himself getting into situations.

In the manga, the few historic characters that appear had less of an important role in freeing the Shifters. Those that appeared had different depictions within the manga to the anime.

Talen's storyline is reworked into episode 27 with Nigthcap being the center of the storyline and Talen gets a new storyline for her debut episode.

Raldo has a crest and different stomach design, as does Coconaut Master.

The Time Shifters are "devices" (as originally planned in the series), many reflect this by showing robotic parts in their bad and/or Super forms.

The memories of those they meet are not erased, and history is allowed to be altered on minor levels so long as history itself is not completely re-written.


Chapter 1Edit

The chapter begins with Getalong spying through a glass. Getalong is wearing a bandanna indicating he is the chief monitor of the Timelines. As the Old Timer's hour-glass home drifts between time and space, with glimpses into different timelines, Getalong catches an eye on Flint Hammerhead in the pre-historic time fighting a Theropoda dinosaur. It turns out they were just training together and the two part their separate ways.

Getalong reports Flint to the Old Timer and Wolfen questions Getalong's sense of Flint's character. Just then, the Dark Lord attacks, telling Petra Fina Dagmar to be ready to grab the Time Shifters, then he breaks the glass around the Old Timer's home.

Flint spots the breaking hourglass, but as he does his father whacks him on the head for daydreaming. Flint points to the hourglass, but all his father can see is a male and female dinosaur engrossed with each other. Flint is told about staying focus because they have to eat.

Later, the two try things like lifting heavy boulders, Flint is incredibly strong despite his small size and young age and even beats up another dinosaur for food. Rocky comments about his son. Flint points at the hourglass shattering, as the Shifters fall out.

Petra confronts the Old Timer to take the Shifters, Getalong, Old Timer and Wolfen confront her. Wolfen transforms into his super form and attacks. During the attack, Petra stamps him with a stamp she was given by the Dark Lord. Wolfen is consumed by dark forces. Getalong remembers the young caveman he saw and runs for help. The rest of the Time Shifters, sensing danger escape into different parts of the Timeline.

Getalong lands on Rocky's face. Flint thinks Getalong is food and tries to eat him, Getalong uses his love beam on Flint, but this makes it worst as now Flint loves his potential dinner.

Ptera shows up, Rocky falls in love with her upon sight. When Petra demands Getalong, Getalong turns to Flint for help who defends Getalong. Rocky appears behind her and grabs her, she fires her petra-gun at the sky, hitting and turning a dinosaur to stone. She goes to fire it at Rocky, but Getalong hits her with his love beam, causing her to fall in love with Rocky. Dino and Mite call upon Wolfen-kon for help.

Wolfen attacks Rocky and sends him flying. Next Flint is attacks, he tunnels under ground and does a sneak attack on Wolfen, whacking him hard. Wolfen see how Getalong and Flint react to each other after his defeat, he remembers, this reminds him of his own relationship with the Old Timer and he reverts back. Meanwhile the Old Timer spots Sarah Goodman in the timeline.

Just then, a nearby volcano explodes, in the chaos Old Timer tells Wolfen to use the Petragun to save everyone.

When Flint next opens his eyes, centuries have passed.

Chapter 2Edit

The old Timer contacts an old man in the current timeline who has Bubblegum with him called Z•Z.

Meanwhile back at Dr. Bernard Goodman's lab, Getalong, Rocky Hammerhead and Flint Hammerhead's fossils are examined. Petra's fossilising gun is handed to Dr.Goodman, who uses it to turn Flint and Getalong back to normal. Once back to normal, ane xcited Flint investigates everything in the lab. Since Sarah is a girl and he didn't understand what a girl is, he pats her breasts commenting how bouncy they are. She whacks him with her rage. Funnily Flint calms down and a teary Sarah. They introduce each other. To Tony's horror, Flint how spots him.

Dino and Mite are watching the events. They compare them to their own entry into this world. Originally, they were given to Petra as eggs by the Dark Lord and hatched. Their upbringing is far from happiness.

As Flint eats food, he suddenly remember Wolfen and his father are missing. He looks all over the lab for him. Seeing bones, he accuses Dr. Goodman of his demise and tries to beat him down. The Dr. flees his lab with Flint chasing after him. Flint causes havoc, lifting up cars and trying to whack Goodman with them. Z•Z notices the disturbance and he and Bubblegum confront the problem.

Meanwhile, Flint's rampage is on the news, much to Sarah and Tony's shock. The noise wakes Rocky, who apparently was stuck as a stone block.

Back where Flint is, Z•Z goes to fight Flint, but his back gives in leaving Bubblegum to have to step in. From out of nowhere, Petra's stamp lands on his head, leaving her familiar P-mark on his head and he turns into Bubblegum con. Dr. Goodman tries to sneak off, but Flint catches him. Getalong fires his love beam at Bubblegum, but the beam has no effect. When Getalong is attacked, Flint defends him, Z•Z notes how they treat each other.

As Bubblegum continues to attack, Flint hears the familair voice of his father. Bubblegum fires a canonball at Flint, he leaps onto it and rides it, changing its direction to hit Petra's ship.

Defeated, Bubblgum reverts back to normal. As news of Petra's defeat spread on the news, the Dark Lord is not happy with the events.

With the misunderstanding of Rocky Hammerhead's fate cleared up, Z•Z discusses Flint becoming a Time detective. Just then, Z•Z's back gives in.

Dr. Bernard makes a Ridon, Flint and Rocky are programmed with language understanding so they can travel to any time period without hindrance and Rocky is made into a stone axe. The chapter ends with Jitterbug being mentioned.

Chapter 3Edit

In the 2nd century Japan, Jitterbug arrives. He lands on the princess of Japans head, having somehow fallen to pieces. He asks for her help.

Back in the future, a meeting between Miss Iknow and the Goodman twins reveals that their teacher is really Petra in disguise.

Back at Dr. Bernard Goodman's ab, reports of an unknown Shifter com in. Flint, Getalong, Bubblegum, Pterry and the twins head off.

Meanwhile in the past, the Princess has finished putting Jitterbug together but there is a piece missing. After some banter about how everyone must adore her, Jitterbug soon reveals his abilities to control movement. As Flint and his friends arrive, they soon find themselves being forced to dance as well. Flint enjoys the dancing greatly. Tony develops a small crush on hthe princess.

Petra arrives in the tie period. She pulls out a gift from the Dark Lord which leads her to Jitterbug... Or rather the missing piece of Jitterbug's body. Since the device is only leading her to this piece, Petra decides simply to attack until she finds Jitterbug. Flint and his friends go off to settle the disturbance.

Tony reassures the Princess everything will be fine.

Flint begins to bang a drum, which creates a beat that Jitterbug dances to, causing Petra and her henchmen to dance along also. During their dance they move towards Jitterbug, Petra places his missing part on his head completing him and since she had stamped that part already, it automatically places Jitterbug under her control. Jitterbug is transformed to Jitterbug-kon, he eats the ground and turns the earth he ate into missiles which he files at Flint.

During the fight, Getalong is attacked, but Wolfen Master strikes the missile with his sword. Getalong does not see Wolfen himself but know it was him who interfered.

The princess aids in confusing Jitterbug long enough for Flint to grab his leg and toss him into the air. Flin grabs everyone and they hope onto Jitterbug-kon. They direct him onto a nearby yet exploded missile and shatter him.

As Petra and her henchmen watch, the townspeople approach angry at their actions. The Princess once again piece Jitterbug (now back to normal) together. The townsfolk express how much they love their princess.

Back home, things become lively as Bubblegum and Jitterbug compete over everything.

Chapter 4Edit

Sarah enters the room in which Flint is playing with the rescued Time Shifters in. She is crying. Flint and the Time shifters try and cheer her up, Tony thinks their methods won't work but Sarah bursts into laughter anyway. Sarah explains the reason for her tears was she read the story of The Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Andersen. As Tony reads the story, the others too find it tear inducing. They get the idea to go back in time and ask Anderson to change the sad ending.

Meanwhile, Petra is reading another story by Hans Christian Andersen called The Little Mermaid, however the ending is altered with a policeman arresting the Mermaid. As Petra demands to know whats going on Talen appears out of the book.

When Flint and the others arrive in Anderson's time period, a group of people are at his down throwing books at it. Upon inspecting they find Petra has stamped Talen and is rewriting all the books to make her the centre of the storyline.

Anderson appears and is confronted by Flint and his friends, he explains that the purpose of the storys he writes.

Just then a note is left nest to Getalong without her knowing. Above her Wolfen, Bindi and Merlock Holmes, Wolfen thanks Merlock for writing the note and they watch hoping their note is taken notice of. Wolfen is worried about the Dark Lord.

Elsewhere Anderson thinks of Flint and Sarah as her writes his stories. Just then, Dino, Mite and Talen pop out of the book he is writing. They kidnap Anderson and bring him into the story, Flint managed to get sucked in too when he grabs hold of Mite's hair, the others are also sucked in.

Inside the story, Petra has ceased control of all of Anderson stories and is making everyone do her bidding. Suddenly everyone sucked in by Talen's powers lands on her. When confronted by Jitterbug, Talen hides. Bubblegum then traps Talen in a power. Petra gets angry at Talen for being so weak and cowardly. Finally, Mite gives her some food that gives her the encouragement to transform into Talen-kon.

Since the food contained something which set off the transformation, Talen is unable to see straight is quite dizzy. She sees Flint and the others but their heads look like their spinning. She spins her tails around her body and begins to roll like a ball. Talen hits Flint despite his attempt to reach her and smashes his belt.

Anderson defends his characters from his story as rubble is sent at them. Flint leads Talen towards a point in the castle hopping Talen would hit it, bit she dodges it at the last moment.

Chapter 5Edit

Chapter 6Edit


  • In Chapter 2, there is a poster seen with Pikachu from Pokémon on it, although its eyes are covered by a censor bar.
  • Translator badges do not exist in the manga, instead language is inserted into the brain via a computer.
  • Z•Z's computer runs on a windows operations system - the operating system is actually a set of windows!
  • There is some design inconsistency within the manga.
    • The snake head on Lynx's band has a cobra hood in chapter 1 and a more reptilian tail. At the end of the manga, he is almost identical to how he appears in the anime.
    • Merlock's ears are drawn smaller in Chapter 5, in Chapter 4, they are also a different shape and drawn less human-like.
  • This is the only time the Shifter Ekoeko is seen within the actual storyline.

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