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About Flint the Time Detective Wiki

Welcome to the Flint the Time Detective wikia. The Flint the Time Detective Wiki is an wikia about everything related to the anime series, Flint the Time Detective. The wiki format allows anyone to create or edit any article, so we can all work together to create a comprehensive database for fans of the anime series.

Flint the Time Detective Wiki notices to readers

Notice:The wikia is currently being overhauled. Names will be changed to their Japanese versions and English names will be retired. This will take several weeks. The wikia is also being adjusted to fit all 3 versions of the series (Bros. comics, Bom bom comics and the anime).

We thank you for your patience while this is being carried out.

  • Update; the editor involved in the change sends their apologies, due to various reasons the transfer of page names have been delay. They will resume in the future.

A big thanks goes out!

Thanks to the efforts of a handful of fans, as of 15/08/2016 all the "master/super" forms of all Time-Space monster/Time Shifters from the anime are now present on the wikia. This is including the ones whose MAster/Super forms made no appearance at all within the animation. We also now have a number of early versions or concepts up on the wikia showing differences between the final anime version and appearances in primary media. However, undoubtedly there are likely more still yet to be found.

Only Dorimon and any that may appear in vol.3 of the original Space-Time Detective Genshi (Bros. Comics) are now missing. If anyone has any information on these missing sources of information, such as characters, photos/screenshots or storyline, please let the wikia know.

It is currently the aim of this wikia to complete as much information on the series as possible. The goal is to have a completed archive of the series on the web for everyone world-wide to find.



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